• Funded by the P.E.I. Department of Economic Growth, Tourism and Culture
Team Food Island

Are you ready to play on Team Food Island and earn a bonus ranging from $1000-$2000?

High school and post-secondary students working seasonal jobs in Seafood Processing, Agriculture or Aquaculture can earn a $1000-$2000 bonus by working a minimum of 250 hours (high school student and recent grade 12 grads) or 500 hours (post-secondary students).

Students returning to high school in the fall are eligible for a $1000 bonus payment, while those starting or returning to full-time post-secondary studies can qualify for a $2000 bonus.

Step 1: Register for the Student Work Bonus Program

Step 2: Apply for a job on our website.

Step 3: Work the minimum number of hours
(250 for high school students, 500 for post-secondary students).

Step 4: At the end of your work term, your employer pays you your bonus directly.

Team Food Island

Connecting Employers and Student Workers since 2015

*Students going into grades 10, 11 or 12 in the fall are paid *$1000 completion bonus by the employer upon completion of their work term. This helps attract, motivate and retain student workers!

**Post-Secondary students starting or returning to post-secondary studies in the fall are paid a $2000 bonus

* work a minimum of 250 hours
** work a minimum of 500 hours

Step 1: Complete the Employer Application Form

Step 2: Hire students, let them know about the Team Food Island Bonus, and have them regsiter on our website

Step 3: Pay the bonus directly to each student at the end of the work term

Step 4: Submit your claim for 50% bonus reimbursement!


About Our Sectors

Team Food Island is comprised of The PEI Agriculture Sector Council, PEI Aqauculture Alliance, PEI Seafood Processors Association and is sponserd by the PEI Department of Economic Growth, Tourism and Culture.